Professor Parry Guilford

Research Professor
  • Biochemistry Department
  • School of Medical Sciences
  • University of Otago
  • P.O. Box 56
  • 710 Cumberland St
  • Dunedin 9054 , New Zealand
  • Tel.: 64 3 479-7673
  • Fax: 64 3 479-7866

Professor Parry Guilford is a Principal Investigator in the Cancer Genetics Laboratory, University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand, and the Research Director of Pacific Edge Biotechnology Ltd. He completed his MSc at Otago in 1983, and his PhD at Cambridge University in 1989.  His research interests include the genetics of inherited cancers, in particular gastric cancer, and the application of gene expression analysis to the diagnosis and management of cancer.


  • Chris Harris
  • 2014, Otago Medical School Research Society's Student Science Writing Prize, 1st place
  • Chris's entry was entitled "Unlocking Prostate Cancer".
  • Professor Parry Guilford
  • 2014, Sir Charles Hercus Medal for excellence in biomedical and health sciences
  • For the discovery of the gene mutation that can lead to hereditary stomach cancer in families.
  • Bryony Telford
  • 2013, Otago School of Medical Sciences Postgraduate Symposium Speaking Award, 2nd place
  • Prof Parry Guilford
  • 2013, HRC Beaven Medal for Translational Research
  • Associate Professor Parry Guilford
  • 2009, James Cook Fellowship

Selected Publications

Bryony J Telford, Augustine Chen, Henry Beetham, James Frick, Tom P Brew, Cathryn M Gould, Andrew Single, Tanis Godwin, Kaylene J Simpson, and Parry Guilford., Synthetic lethal screens identify vulnerabilities in GPCR signalling and cytoskeletal organization in E-cadherin-deficient cells., Molecular Cancer Therapeutics 2015., Link »

Augustine Chen, Henry Beetham, Michael A Black, Rashmi Priya, Bryony J Telford, Joanne Guest, George A R Wiggins, Tanis D Godwin, Alpha S Yap, and Parry J Guilford, E-cadherin loss alters cytoskeletal organization and adhesion in non-malignant breast cells but is insufficient to induce an epithelial-mesenchymal transition., BMC cancer 2014 vol. 14 p. 552, Link »

Jon Cornwall, Tania Slatter, Parry Guilford, Cristin G. Print, Mark Henaghan, and Richman Wee, Culture, law, ethics, and social implications: Is society ready for advanced genomic medicine?, The Australasian medical journal 2014 vol. 7 (4) pp. 200-202, Link »

J S B Willson, T D Godwin, G A R Wiggins, P J Guilford, and J L McCall, Primary hepatocellular neoplasms in a MODY3 family with a novel HNF1A germline mutation, Journal of Hepatology 2013 vol. 59 (4) pp. 904-907, Link »

P O'Sullivan, K Sharples, M Dalphin, P. Davidson, P Gilling, L Cambridge, J Harvey, T Toro, N Giles, C Luxmanan, C F Alves, H-S Yoon, V Hinder, J Masters, A Kennedy-Smith, T Beaven, and P J Guilford, A multigene urine test for the detection and stratification of bladder cancer in patients presenting with hematuria, Journal of Urology 2012 vol. 188 (3) pp. 741-747, Link »