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Weekly Seminar - Professor Joel Mackay

University of Sydney

The biochemist stripped bare: fundamental issues around data analysis and presentation that have taken about 20 years of doing science to sink in.

Biochemistry Seminar Room 231
Mar. 28, 2017
  • 12:00

As practising scientists, we all know that every measurement we make is subject to uncertainty - and we also all know that there are a whole set of protocols that have been developed to help you quantify that uncertainty and help you make decisions about and present your data. These tools are statistics. The very word strikes fear into the heart of many researchers as they admit quietly to themselves that they don't remember as much of that first-year statistics course as they should, but are too embarrassed to ask anyone about it because they feel that they're supposed to know better. The good news I have is that I have taken that embarrassment on the chin for you. I've gone through the statistical fires of hell and emerged only mildly charred from the other side - and am now offering to share my findings with you. If you've ever felt slightly uncomfortable about error bars, sample sizes, p-values or prior probabilities, come along and hear the musings of someone else who has too.