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Special Seminar - Tim Allison

University of Oxford

Connecting membrane proteins and lipids using native mass spectrometry

Biochemistry Seminar Room 231
May. 16, 2017
  • 12:00

My research interests lie in protein biochemistry, and the ways in which structure and function are either naturally modulated, or can be perturbed by design.  Insight toward these goals is gained from establishing an in-­depth understanding, frequently requiring molecular detail.  This can sometimes be challenging using traditional tools, but innovative tools, such as native mass spectrometry, are now providing new views into the fascinatingly diverse world of proteins, most recently membrane proteins. What makes native mass spectrometry special is its retention of non-­‐covalent interactions during analysis, allowing direct observation of attributes such as oligomeric state, and the binding stoichiometry of small molecules. I will talk about one strand of my research involving the development of this technique to study membrane proteins and how it is uncovering the intimate relationship between these proteins and lipids. I will also outline my future research plans, focusing on bacterial and archaeal N­‐glycosylation and the goal of improving understanding of the processes involved in glycan biosynthesis.