Professors Merriman and Guilford, FRSNZ



Professors Parry Guilford and Tony Merriman

Earlier today The Royal Society of New Zealand announced that Professor Parry Guilford and Professor Tony Merriman have been made Fellows of the society.

The following are quotes from their page:

Professor Tony Merriman of the University of Otago has contributed to the pre-clinical and clinical science of autoimmune diseases and gout in New Zealand, particularly in Māori and Pacific people. He has shown the genetic and environmental elements of gout, which has informed public health advice and drug availability in New Zealand. Tony has made important academic advances extracting key conclusions from large health data sets.

Professor Parry Guilford, from the University of Otago, is an expert on cancer biology and cancer genetics and is committed to translational research for the benefit of the cancer patient. Research in collaboration with a large Māori family identified the first known gene for inherited gastric cancer. This defined a new cancer syndrome, saved many lives worldwide, and provided a completely new insight into the mechanisms of cancer development. He has been involved in the development of Cxbladder, a urine test for bladder cancer. This test will reduce the need for painful bladder cystoscopies and reduce healthcare costs.

Read the announcement at the RSNZ website