Biochemistry funding success



Clockwise from top left: Drs Lucia Schweitzer, Sigurd Wilbanks, Liz Ledgerwood, and Cushla McKinney

Four projects in the Department of Biochemistry were successful in the latest round of Lotteries Health funding, and Professor Peter Dearden won $137,821 in the Unlocking Curious Minds Contestable Fund.

Dr Liz Ledgerwood won $88,000 for her project Characterising NZ families with inherited thrombocytopenia to enhance diagnosis and treatment,Dr Sigurd Wilbanks gained $81,600 for Chromatographic Purification System for Fluorescent and other Proteins, Dr Cushla McKinney's project Elucidation of the role of iron homeostasis in gout susceptibility was granted $51,000, and Drs Stephanie Hughes and Lucia Schweitzer were granted $26,000 for Developing a better model of Alzheimer’s disease.

Professor Dearden's grant is to fund stage 2 of the Lab-in-a-Box prject. 

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