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  • SING Aotearoa workshop
  • 02/02/2016
  • SING
    Biochemistry staff had another opportunity to contribute to the wider community this summer break with the first SING Aotearoa programme being held at Otago from the 24th - 29th January 2016. Read more »
  • Hands On @ Otago
  • 01/02/2016
  • Loading an agarose gel with DNA
    Secondary School students from around New Zealand recently spent a week at Otago University getting hands on experience in a number of the disciplines taught here. The students who chose Biochemistry spent their time in the Department laboratories learning about the Central Dogma of molecular biology (how the information stored in DNA is transmitted and expressed in cells). Read more »
  • Professor Krause comments on vaccine purchase
  • 14/01/2016
  • KurtKrause4
    Last weekend Professor Kurt Krause was quoted in the Sunday Star Times on the New Zealand government's purchase of 300,000 doses of H5N1 influenza vaccine. "… nobody knows for sure if the vaccines will work on every strain but they're the best bet we have right now." Read more »
  • Josh Wright wins student paper award
  • 18/12/2015
  • Josh
    Last night at our Departmental Christmas function Josh Wright was awarded the department's 2015 Best Student Paper Award for his paper "Secondary ubiquitin-RING docking enhances Arkadia and Ark2C E3 ligase activity." recently published in Nature Structural and Molecular Biology Read more »
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